Computer Training as an Outreach

Computer Skills Training

We Help Them with Life

    Whether we bring them in through our Beaches Outreach, “The Hood” or they live in one of our Transition Program Homes, we make sure computer skills training is provided to give folks the skills they need to get a good job. Many people have absolutely no computer skills at all when they start. We take the time needed to bring them into modern times regarding being able to use a computer.

computer classes
computer repair refurbishment training

We take some to the next level

Smart people are everywhere and we find them often (as evidenced by our Inventors Club – formerly homeless youth have invented many outstanding things). We teach folks like that even greater skills, like how to refurbish and repair computers.

Graduates are Equipped

We equip each and every graduate with a Certificate of Completion and a refurbished Dell Laptop computer. Not only do they have proof of skills to present to a potential employer with their newly written resume, but they have a new tool for success of their very own!
Computer class graduates with diplomas and free laptop computers

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At most every outreach we’ll watch for opportunities to invite people to our computer classes. In this video, you’ll see us present the 8 class curriculum. Some of the basic computer skills they’ll learn are:

  • How to operate windows and start programs. Basic computer literacy.
  • How to write their résumé.
  • How to use the internet to find and apply for a job.

Upon completion of those classes, we’ll give them a donated, refurbished Dell Laptop that even has a warranty! Each and every class starts off with prayer and a mini-bible-study and an opportunity to accept the Lord Jesus into their hearts.

It All Starts Here - Computer Donations.

Wanted: Used Computers and E-Waste (old electronics)

    When you upgrade your electronics of any sort, especially computers, laptops or tablets, please consider donating the old ones to Hope For Homeless Youth. We need late model computers for our offices. Working Laptop or Desktop computers can be used in our classroom and to equip the underprivileged kids and disciples who graduate their course.  If older models Laptops are working, we sometimes use them as giveaway raffles to gather a crowd to preach the Gospel

    If they are not working and are later models, many times we can fix them. If older models are not repairable, we can recycle the mainboards for the melting down of the precious metals, bringing vital funds into the ministry.

computer donation center

Donating Electronics

    We gladly take and will give a tax-deductible receipt for Medical Equipment, Sound and Audio, Computers, Video Cameras and Equipment, Routers, Laptops, LCD Monitors, Printers, Plotters, HD TV’s, Large Quantities of Electronic Cabling, Generators, Welding and Auto Shop Equipment.

    For 15 items or less drop off location is at 5020 South Normandie Ave. Los Angeles 90037 Monday thru from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Please call us (before coming) at 818-441-3303. Free pick up for more than 15 items of computer and video equipment.  Certain restrictions apply for free pick up on donations of less than 15 items. Please call us for any questions.

We cannot accept appliances at this time.

     One item is considered to be a device such as a computer, laptop, monitor, printer, network switch or server. One medium box full of misc. accessories, cords, mice, keyboards, ect., is considered one item. Things not considered to be single devices are one power cord, one keyboard, one mouse, one ethernet cord, etc

Call or text Martin at 818-441-3303, or email him at with a list of your donations and he’ll get back to you ASAP

Does what we do sound like something you'd like to be a part of?

We’d like to think that most Christians would like to, but time or geography stands in the way.

There are several ways you can participate in this work.

Commit to pray for us:

    Sign up for the REAL-TIME MINISTRY ALERTS and you’ll get a text when we are on our way out and are requesting your prayer covering. In one respect, this is arguably the most valuable contribution you can make. Most monthly donors signup to get these alerts and pray for us as well! Most times, after the outreach is done, we’ll inform you of what good what done and how many souls were saved thanks to your prayers.


    “Boots on the Ground” make the Army of God run.  Whether you one person, a small group or a whole church group, we invite you to come and learn though experience how to do what we do. We have taught close to five thousand people how to do this back in their areas over the past 33 years. When you do it yourself with us, you’ll feel confident to go back home and reach your area for Christ using the same methods.

Donate Goods and Services:

    Goods? We need clothes, blankets, toiletries, tarps, ponchos, and socks. LOADS of Socks! McDonalds Gift cards are a favorite. Handing out a free McDonald’s Burger is a great tool for us. Just call us to ask us what we need and have a bunch of it sent to us. We use these things to open the door for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are quite literally the “lifeblood” of the ministry. Our men’s rehabilitation home and discipleship program are always in need of a great many items.

    Services? If you are a professional with a skill or have a business, the chances are pretty good that there is something you do that can help us. Call us to find out if your business, skill set or abilities are something that you can contribute to this worthy cause.

Commit to Monthly Financial Support

Partnership with us is the same with the Lord as you doing the works yourself. Maybe you wish you had time to feed the hungry, bring the homeless into your house, or preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to total strangers in the public square. Maybe you don’t. We believe that when you partner with us, it’s the same as you doing the work in the Lord’s eyes.

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