Hope for Homeless Youth’s Prison Re-Entry Program

Men's Transitional Program

Hope for Homeless Youth’s Re-Entry Program restores hope and rebuilds the lives of the ex-inmate through Christ-centered Discipleship and Preparation for Re-Entry into Society.

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We Believe Christ Based Reentry Programs Perform Better

Ex-offender reentry programs are proven to help recidivism rates among all ex-offenders regardless of sex, race or creed. Christian Reentry programs have an even higher proven success rate. Many ex-offenders have a very hard time on the outside after serving their sentences. Ex-offenders have difficulties finding jobs, adequate housing or even attaining photo identification. These difficulties often lead to homelessness, addiction, and more problems and often cause the ex-offender to get into trouble again.

Like-Minded Fellowship

The purpose of the Hope for Homeless Youth ex-offender reentry program is to mitigate these problems to allow the offender to concentrate on adjusting to life on the outside. Our program offers housing, job training and job acquisition assistance in an atmosphere of Christ-centered discipleship. Our reentry program also allows ex-offenders to befriend others that are in their same position. This offers a support system that can be helpful and also promotes a team environment.

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The Hope for Homeless Youth Reentry Program is designed to help men leaving prison successfully transition to independence.


  • Through our Christ-centered curriculum, worship services, Bible study and prayer, Reentry Program participants apply God’s word to leave behind past behaviors and plan for their futures.
  • Counseling, life-skills classes and GED/adult education equip them with the tools they need to remain free and to become reestablished in their communities.
  • Ex-inmates live with us where we meet their need for shelter, food, and clothing and connect them with basic health and dental care.
  • We help them obtain legal documents such as a driver’s license and birth certificate.
  • We offer computer operation and/or repair training so they can obtain modern skills in this modern world.
  • When ready, the ex-inmate goes on outreaches with us to learn to shift their focus to the needs of others, not just themselves.

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Does what we do sound like something you'd like to be a part of?

We’d like to think that most Christians would like to, but time or geography stands in the way.

There are several ways you can participate in this work.

Commit to pray for us:

    Sign up for the REAL-TIME MINISTRY ALERTS and you’ll get a text when we are on our way out and are requesting your prayer covering. In one respect, this is arguably the most valuable contribution you can make. Most monthly donors signup to get these alerts and pray for us as well! Most times, after the outreach is done, we’ll inform you of what good what done and how many souls were saved thanks to your prayers.


    “Boots on the Ground” make the Army of God run.  Whether you one person, a small group or a whole church group, we invite you to come and learn though experience how to do what we do. We have taught close to five thousand people how to do this back in their areas over the past 33 years. When you do it yourself with us, you’ll feel confident to go back home and reach your area for Christ using the same methods.

Donate Goods and Services:

    Goods? We need clothes, blankets, toiletries, tarps, ponchos, and socks. LOADS of Socks! McDonalds Gift cards are a favorite. Handing out a free McDonald’s Burger is a great tool for us. Just call us to ask us what we need and have a bunch of it sent to us. We use these things to open the door for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are quite literally the “lifeblood” of the ministry. Our men’s rehabilitation home and discipleship program are always in need of a great many items.

    Services? If you are a professional with a skill or have a business, the chances are pretty good that there is something you do that can help us. Call us to find out if your business, skill set or abilities are something that you can contribute to this worthy cause.

Commit to Monthly Financial Support

Partnership with us is the same with the Lord as you doing the works yourself. Maybe you wish you had time to feed the hungry, bring the homeless into your house, or preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to total strangers in the public square. Maybe you don’t. We believe that when you partner with us, it’s the same as you doing the work in the Lord’s eyes.

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